In partnership with Mazda Motorsports and the SCDA.  Rosmar Racing is proud to offer as part of our 2019 rental fleet the Mazda Global MX5 Cup Car. Developed by Mazda this turn key factory built race car is raced in the Battery Tender Global MX5 Cup as well as Pirelli World Challenge, SCCA and NASA Club racing.

SCDA President Elivan Goulart who has a long championship winning history with Mazda Motorsports is excited to offer this Factory-built car. " Its a great platform for all drivers " says Goulart himself the 2016 World Challange TCA Champion driving a Global Cup Car.

This Brand new car from Mazda is safe,reliable,fast and fun to drive its the perfect car to be at an SCDA event . We share in the enthusiasm for adding this new car to our fleet of hand built Championship winning Spec Miata race cars. You can jump in to the drivers seat and join us at a great SCDA event this year !

Exciting news for the 2020 SCDA season .

The Rosmar Racing Global Cup Car and Spec Miata Arrive and Drive Program has been designed to make that dream a reality. Whether you are a first time track driver with no experience,or a seasoned track Pro Rosmar Racing can put you behind the wheel.


2020 Season

  Experience the thrill of driving a purpose built race car at some of the greatest Motorsports venues in North America ?

 r   a   c   i   n   g

Proving our cars in Endurance Racing . Here at the 12 Hours Devil in the Dark New Jersey Motorsport Park.

Congratulations! Mark Gregory 2020 STL NEDiv Champion !

The winning car of the North American Endurance Championship 2008 The action is directed by the Crew Chief and driver Mark Gregory.

 r   a   c   i   n   g

The Global Mazda MX- 5 Cup Car !

Latest news from Rosmar Racing

The exciting 2020 SCDA schedule has now been published. Click on the SCDA link to see over 30 track day events including a special visit to VIR !   Please call to book your Spec Miata we have lots of seats available.   First Full event March 10 2019 at New Jersey Motorsports Park .

Arrive and Drive !

Mazda rentals

What to expect at you track day

After  registration you will meet with your Crew Chief and Driver coaches. The Crew will assist you in adjusting the driver seat and five point harness.  They will review the basic race car controls and  talk about engine speeds, shift points , tires and safety.

Our aim is to make you feel comfortable before your first on track experience.

  The drivers meeting is followed by class room instruction to further review important safety items prior to your first on track experience. Once your run group is called to the staging area the Rosmar Racing,  team  will help you get in to the race car and fasten your seat belt harness. The crew will help you install your two way radio communicator, that  will be provided for you and your driver coach. 

Now its all about you !  time to experience the thrill of driving  a purpose built  Spec Miata race car on the race track of your dreams.     

Rent our Spec Miata and Race 2019

The 1999 Rosmar Racing ITS /STL  Championship winning car on the Pole at Watkins Glen International

 r   a   c   i   n   g

Rosmar Racing will put you behind the wheel of a professionally, hand built , fully prepared Spec MIata , the very same car we race in competition every weekend. You will be in the drivers seat and take control of one of the most dedicated track cars in the USA, Your job will be to focus on improving your driving skills , Rosmar Racing will handle the entire behind the scene logistics, ensuring a fun, fast and safe driving experience !

Rosmar Racing can help you reach your goals. From novice to seasoned veteran, with expert driver coaching from Championship winning, Professional Driver Coach  Mark Gregory .  

Click on the tab below for SCDA 2019 Schedule .